“From the first phone call through meetings at our home, depositions and the entire claim process, your firm and its people were absolutely wonderful. They were sensitive to our needs, answering all our questions and working diligently on our behalf. We're extremely grateful.”
— Sharie and Donald Duff, Redding, CA

“My husband and I had never been involved in a lawsuit before. Your firm made the process very easy and comfortable.”
— Elizabeth Alexander

“After my husband learned that he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, it gave him a great sense of relief to know that your firm was working so hard to ensure that our family would be taken care of.”
— Evelyn Jacobelly

“We were very pleased with the results. Everything went above and beyond what we had anticipated. I appreciated that someone always called us right back.”
— Carol Garside

“Your firm did a wonderful job. The total settlements we received exceeded our expectations. I was most happy that we received most of the money before my husband passed, and he had the comfort of knowing that I would be taken care of after his death.”
— Sharon F.

Lab Technician Develops Pleural Thickening due to Occupational Asbestos Exposure

A retired lab technician is looking for info in a fight for justice that he initiated against his past employers. He was diagnosed with a fatal asbestos-related lung issue approximately 10 years after his retirement.

Geoffrey Maud, who resides in Stockton, developed a disease known as pleural thickening because of job with and around asbestos in steel factories and chemical industries during his employment that spanned approximately 50 years. Maud is staying with his wife Mrs. Margaret. He is 72 years old.

Maud, the grandfather of 2, is now in communication with some industrial illness experts to collect proof on the working conditions at Middlesbrough-based Dorman Long’s Redcar plant; British Titan Produts (Tioxide Ltd), Haverton Hill, Billingham; and Cleveland Chemicals, Billingham, where he worked as a technician and chemist.

Maud thinks he was exposed to the toxic dust of asbestos while working at factories because he normally wore gloves insulated with asbestos and used equipment like asbestos string. Maud states that he was regularly covered by poorly maintained asbestos-containing pipes.

“After I almost recovered from a stroke in year 2005, I believed the worst of health issues I’ve developed were behind me.

“But when I came to know that my health condition was because of exposure to asbestos, I was really shocked. I became frustrated as I could do nothing about it,” he said.

“I just could not believe that all the hard works all through my employment had been basically contributing to my disease. Unfortunately, nobody warned me that exposure to asbestos could have such severe impacts on my future health,” Maud said.

He initially began to find there was an issue when he started feeling breathless 3 years ago. Breathlessness is a major symptom of the asbestos-related lung problem known as pleural thickening. He became breathless and tired, and found increasing difficulty for walking. He says even simple routine tasks such as getting dressed made him feel exhausted.

In 2009, he was initially diagnosed with a respiratory illness. Then his condition started worsening. He began undergoing regular medical checkups at the North Tees Hospital. In year 2012, he was informed that he had developed pleural thickening that could have been caused by his asbestos exposure in the past.

One of the factors that make the diagnosis of asbestos-related diseases extremely hard is that they usually take decades to appear after an individual is exposed to asbestos fibers.

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